Partners: BETON 6 Corporation


  • History and Development

    - 1958: It was CHAU THOI Pre-Stressed Concrete Girder Casting Yard, formerly belonged to the RMK from the USA, specializing in the production of all kinds of pre-stressed concrete products (such as bridge girders: T12m50, T18m60, T24m70 and reinforced concrete square piles 35cm*35cm) for the construction of bridges of Sai Gon - Bien Hoa Highway, National Highways and Inter-Provincial Roads in the south of Vietnam.
    - 1975 - 1982: It’s taken over by The Ministry of Transport, then consolidated and renamed Chau Thoi Concrete Plant, successful in the production of new products: pre-stressed concrete girders I.24m54 and I.33m.
    - 1993: It’s renamed Chau Thoi Concrete Company 620, continuously developed its market as well as launched new products, and expanded the project construction field.
    - 2000: It’s equitized and renamed Chau Thoi Concrete Corporation 620 according to the Decision No.41/2000/QD-TTg dated 28/03/2000 issued by the Prime Minister.
    - 2010: It’s renamed Beton 6 Corporation with the new brand identity system. This event marked an important milestone in our development history. We enhanced our strategic vision on participating in bidding & construction management, improving products & services quality, investing in new products, and providing construction methods and financial solutions for customers with our long-time experience and updated technologies.


- Vision: Beton 6 - “The leading company in supplying high quality precast products and infrastructure construction in VietNam”.
- Mission:

+ Supplying diversified precast products with strong commitment  to Quality & Service Management.
+ Providing constructional and financial solutions.
+ As role of Investor, project manager or business partner, “Goodwill”, “Professional” and  “Accountability” are key guidelines in every actio.