Partners: Industry Construction Corporation - DESCON


Founded in 1976, DESCON has had steady steps to become a reputable brand in the building market, and simultaneously become one of the first industrial companies to comply with Quality Management System ISO 9001:1994, ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 1900:2008 (accredited & certified by QMS and JAS - ANZ), awarded ISO Cup by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Cup of “Vietnam Leading JSC & Reputable Stock Brand Name”. In 2008, DESCON was ranked in the list of 500 largest Vietnam Private Enterprises selected by Vietnamnet and ranked AAA type (2008) and A (2012) for Enterprise’s credits.

Beside improvement and application of new construction technologies continuously, in 2012, DESCON has officially partner to apply Building Information Modeling (BIM) to conduct the whole data throughout the proposed project, to increase efficiency and offer cost savings not only design but also execution.



To drive DESCON towards one of the top brand - name of building industry in Vietnam, DESCON Construction has been offering differences in the market and simultaneously propose a maximum value and stable growth to the investors.


Strategic Mission

Till to December 2017, DESCON is oriented to become a building Contractor for stable growth in the industrial sector and low - cost housing and also to lead the market of industrial building and low - cost housing. Apart, DESCON Construction tends to develop some other fields related upon creating opportunities for stability and revenue and profitability.
Up to December 2017, DESCON will get:

  • Two thousand (2.000) billion Vietnamdong revenue and xxx Vietnamdong profitability.
  • Less than xxx ratio of revenue/ charter capital .
  • xxx times Charter capital grown.
  • Less than xxx points proposed for “Strategic organization development” of the administration system.


Core strategy

  • DESCON’s operation should be focused to broaden.
  • Low-cost construction quality is given in commital.
  • Middle classes is focused for the growth.
  • Experiences in construction management and services related shall be an advantage of competitiveness for brand image.
  • Core competitiveness should be paid attention.
  • It is proposed to apply some new advanced technologies for the brand image through specialized construction solutions, increasing innovative solutions for core values, real profitability and stability.